Binomial Coefficient Calculator

Binomial coefficient is an integer that appears in the [binomial expansion] (/show/calculator/binomial-theorem). For example: \\( (a+1)^n= \binom {n} {0} a^n+ \binom {n} {1} + a^n-1+...+ \binom {n} {n} a^n \\) We often say "n choose k" when referring to the binomial coefficient. That is because \\( \binom {n} {k} \\) is equal to the number of distinct ways \\(k\\) items can be picked from n items. For example, given a group of 15 footballers, there is exactly \\( \binom {15}{11} = 1365\\) ways we can form a football team. Use this step-by-step solver to calculate the binomial coefficient.